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Specializing in Behavior Modification.

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We are professional dog trainers specializing in behavior modification.

We solve behavior issues quickly and easily. Whether it's aggression, leash reactivity, lunging on walks, shyness, fearfulness, exuberance, or general naughty behavior, we've got you covered. We address your dog's state of mind, resulting in a calmer, more relaxed, happy dog who is a pleasure to live with. We know that your dog is an important part of your life, but sometimes your dog is out of control, doing what they want to do and ignoring you. That is where we come in. Our training is based on creating teamwork and partnership between you and your dog. No matter the issues, you can have the dog you've always dreamed of!

Our Board & Train programs are incredible for achieving behavior modification, state of mind change, excellent obedience, and solid results with your dog in a just a few short weeks.

Our Personal Training programs are an opportunity for you and your dog to learn together at the same time. In a sense, YOU are really the dog trainer (not us), as we coach you along.

We have a three programs exclusively for puppies aged 10 weeks to 6 months old – 2 week board & train, personal training, and group class. Dream Dogz will start your puppy on the right paw!


What our customers are saying.

  • When we first adopted Roxie she put forth a happy well-adjusted facade, much like a child who has had the misfortune to spend time in the foster care system. All the pictures we posted were happy and joyful….

    The longer we had her, the more fear, anxiety, and nervousness we witnessed. I think she knew she was loved but her world had suddenly gotten so big and she was overwhelmed.

    Before we took her to Dream Dogz, the only way she could feel safe was to hide, sometimes under beds, sometimes behind a recliner, many places, she still did want to be with us.

    In the last 3 weeks she has gained confidence, security, and learned some much needed manners. When she comes home and finishes her treatment for heartworms she will experience an even bigger and better life.

    Thank you to Dream Dogz and all of their fabulous trainers!

    - Vicki
  • 13925243_1216067065093098_720591760895625778_n

    Everyone there is great. Big improvement with my dog, and we will be taking more classes. The classes are held in a very nice, large, easy to find, all A/C building right off I75.

    The instructors have a special gift for working with the dogs and owners.

    - Paula
  • We took our Border Collie to Dream Dogz for obedience and proper socialization and he earned his Canine Good Citizen title. He is my son’t medical alert dog, so it was very important for him to have this foundation to his training. We enjoyed the classes and the PackWalks along with the new friends we met!

    - Maggie
  • kerrie pic

    I just wanted to drop you all a line and say thank you for all that you have done. I already knew that I learned so much from you already but never realized just how much until I got out there on my own. I am very grateful for all that you have done for me. Things are going more amazing than I could have every hoped for and I couldn’t have done it without Victoria, Richard, and Robin.”

    - Kerrie
  • IMG_7749 copy

    I recently attended the shadow program at Dream Dogz, it was amazing. I was taught the Warfel Way and many important aspects of dog training and dog business. The staff was very professional. I was treated with respect. Again thanks for training and transparency of Dream Dogz.

    - Kevin
  • image2

    Jake was always overly adrenalized when I took him to the barn or out anywhere for that matter. Now with the combination of Conditioned Relaxation/Foundation and Freedom Training, Jake calmly stayed in a down in an aisle way surrounded by horses out in the pasture, focused on coming when I called him and was able to change up his here command with a few downs in the middle. I had an obedience dog before Dream Dogz, but only when there was no distractions. I did not know how to handle him out in the real world. Now I have a Dream Dog wherever we go. Thank you Victoria and Rich!

    - Hannah
  • The trainers are great at explaining why they recommend the methods they use, and they WORK! My dog knew how to sit, lie down, and shake before going to the Foundation class, but after the fourth week by dog was walking nicely on a leash (no more pulling!) and actually listens to me with distractions around. We can’t wait for the socials!

    - Lana
  • Victoria & Rich have been extremely helpful! I appreciate how they explain the “why” before we try things with my dog. I definitely would recommend them to anyone.

    - Malia
  • Dream Dogz turned our foster dog around! We had issues with resource guarding/aggression which led us to Dream Dogz. Not only was the resource issue resolved, but our foster also quit licking himself incessantly (which was causing unattractive hairless spots and sores on his legs and keeping us from getting a good night’s sleep).

    We didn’t realize it, but our foster was almost always adrenalized. Establishing our control made our dog worry less! The four-session Dogmanship group class worked wonders and we highly suggest it.

    - Kristi
  • I have done group, private, and workshop training with Victoria and the Dream Dogz team. They helped me tremendously in my journey, training my three dogs with different needs.
    Victoria is skilled and knowledgeable, yet always learning so she can share the best knowledge, skills, and insight of training your four-legged family.
    Her focus is on what is best for the dog and it’s family.

    - Kristina

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Dream Dogz Behavior Centers

Certified. Licensed. Insured.
All locations – by appointment only

Dream Dogz Training Center
3909 NW 97th Blvd, Gainesville, Florida 32606
Our original 2700+ sq ft indoor training center for group classes, personal training, and board & train drop off.
Gainesville location – covering Gainesville, Cedar Key, Melrose, Lake City, Jacksonville, St Augustine, North Central Florida, and the Panhandle

Dream Dogz Ranch
S US 301, Sumterville, Florida 33585
Our 5+ acre country property for board & trains, personal training, and socialization.
Sumterville location – covering Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Ocala, The Villages, Daytona, Space Coast, Suncoast, and Central Florida

We are award winning trainers, voted Best of Gainesville for Dog Training each of the last four years (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016). We are highly recommended by dog owners and dog professionals, including many veterinarians.

Check out our website and see what we offer. Once you know that we are the right trainers for you, the big questions is how fast do you want to see results?

• With our one-of-a-kind board & train program, we train your dog while you watch our videos, read our books, watch your dog’s progress online, and meet up for hands-on teaching. You learn while we teach your dog, then we put you together.

• With our personal training package, we train you and your dog together around your schedule. You have daily homework, training your dog multiple times each day between our sessions.

• With our group classes, we coach you and your dog, along with other dog/owner teams, during set class times at Dream Dogz Training Center in Gainesville. You have daily homework, training your dog multiple times each day between our sessions.

If the information on our site does not answer your questions, call us! We are happy to schedule an evaluation to meet in person, and help you choose the right training program for you and your dog.

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