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Is your dog defiant, stubborn or out of control? We can transform your dog into your DREAM DOG!

You brought your dog home looking forward to your new life together. Instead, your dog's behavior made you frustrated, why is he acting that way? Why doesn't your dog do what you want him to? We can help get your relationship back on track, teaching your dog how to be a polite member of society and your best companion.

You are busy and want to see real results, fast. You know that your dog will do better learning and living with a professional, worked multiple times each day, with our support and guidance after your dog returns home.

Your dog needs training, and you are dedicated and committed to working with your dog daily. Our personal training program may be perfect for you.

Our Service Dog Training Program offers professional guidance and support in choosing and training your service dog so you do not make mistakes or end up paying tens of thousands of dollars.

Dream Dogz - Orlando/Tampa/Gainesville Dog Training

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