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We are professional dog trainers specializing in behavior modification by utilizing a holistic approach.

We solve behavior issues quickly and easily. Whether it's aggression, leash reactivity, lunging on walks, shyness, fearfulness, or general naughty behavior, we've got you covered. We work with your dog as a whole, addressing your dog's state of mind, resulting in a calmer, more relaxed, happy dog who is a pleasure to live with. We know that your dog is an important part of your life. Our training is based on creating teamwork and partnership between you and your dog. No matter the issues, you can have the dog you've always dreamed of!

With our holistic approach, we address the mind, body, and soul of your dog. Your dog will live with our family, and our pack, in our living room.

Personal Training is an opportunity for you and your dog to learn together at the same time, coached and guided by one of our trainers.

We work with Service Dog owner/trainers to prepare their dog to be the partner that they need.


What our customers are saying.

  • I just wanted to say thank you.

    Brody has improved more than I ever thought possible. He is an absolute dream at the dog park, always listens to a command the first time I ask, waits for my approval at every threshold, and is just awesome.

    Today he let maintenance into the apartment and work for over 45 minutes. He was completely relaxed and didn’t even think about getting off of place. I had zero worries about him doing anything naughty. He has come such a long way and it’s all because of you guys. Thank you so much.

    - Amanda
  • 2017-01-20 16.05.34

    We sent two of our dogs to Dream Dogz for the 4 week board & train. One is 5 years old and the other 10 years old. We have a new baby and it was vital that they get trained. With the help of Dream Dogz we trained our third dog at home.

    We are on day 4 of the dogs being home and it has been amazing. I’m able to walk all three dogs together while wearing the baby with no problems. They are learning that the rules from training apply at home and are doing really well. It’s a lot of work following the 30 day home part of the training schedule but TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! We could not be happier. Thank you both!


    - Lauren
  • 15697985_1356191197747350_1559876608992357848_n

    My 6 month-old pitbull puppy, Peyton, completed the Board and Train program with Dream Dogz. I was nervous being away from her for so long but Hannah texted me throughout the weeks, including pictures and videos of her progress, to keep me posted. I felt so comfortable knowing that she was in such great hands. I told Hannah the various behaviors that Peyton would do so they could work on improving her obedience.

    When I came back I was extremely delighted to see how my fun and loving puppy was still the same adorable puppy with such a cute personality, but that she would actually listen to the commands. I realized a dog cannot get trained over night, or even in a month, but Peyton has improved immensely during her time here. I will continue to train my dog with Dream Dogz throughout my time in Gainesville. Thank you guys so much!

    - Nikki
  • We contacted Dream Dogz because we had what we thought was a simple issue with a newly adopted rescue. My daughter adopted a husky mix that was told by the rescue would be a good service dog candidate. His initial seemingly passive behavior in the beginning and that he knew some basic commands led her to adopt him. The rescue knew she lived on a third floor. however they didn’t test the dog on stairs, or bother to prep him as you’d figure a good rescue would do when considering pairs or placing an animal to a forever home, they dropped the dog to my daughter, he was terrified of stairways. Their staff couldn’t get him up but my daughter and I got him up ok but the training to go down was slow going, it was getting frustrating, and near end of day, so we decided it was time and that maybe Dream Dogz could help. They responded to our inquiry immediately, came over to help within 10 minutes, which is amazing service within itself. Most importantly though, they immediately identified serious problem in the dogs temperament, mainly aggression that he (and the rescue group) was hiding from us his first few days with us (we had him 4 days). I’ve raised large dogs, mostly rescues themselves for over 30 years and never had such a terrifying experience, sure some have issues, most rescues have baggage, but in our experience, nothing to this level thankfully the dogs we have rescued and raised in the past were what you see what you get dogs, so we were so taken back and in disbelief that my daughters dog had turned out exactly opposite of what he had first appeared! . When we first assessed this dog to pick, you’d never have thought he had an ounce of aggression, he spent most of the day snoozing, he appeared to be a relaxed well mannered dog..Dream Dogz let us know that its not uncommon for dogs to show their true colors a few days or up to a week or two being in a new home. We were heartbroken, thinking we had found such a good dog only to see the full level of aggression come out, and realized immediately we’d have to return the husky mix and find a passive and more suitable dog.

    What impressed me the most about Dream Dogz, although we only paid for an hour ‘stairs” appt, they spent well over two hours with us at no extra charge as they stayed explaining to us our options if we had tried to keep the dog , they were even willing to credit back the charge payment since my daughter after seeing the aggression was going to return the dog, they stayed and comforted both my daughter and I, they even tried to speak to directly to the rescue, who refused to speak to them and my daughter and I, this “rescue” only sending text messages while trying to outright deny the dogs aggression to which we all had just witnessed. The rescue showed no concern or regard for my daughter’s safety or that of community, they basically didn’t want to take any responsibility for not disclosing the dogs past behavior problems. Anyway, i can’t thank Dream Dogz enough, they went to answer what we all thought to be a fairly simple call, that turned into something much much worse than we ever expected, they handled themselves professionally, and went above and beyond their duties, they went the extra mile, gave their time to us, and most definitely saved my daughter or anyone else for that matter from getting seriously injured. The dog was quickly returned despite the objections of the “rescue.”

    Dream Dogz also went above and beyond by offering to assist my daughter in the future with finding/ screening a suitable dog to help her. There aren’t many places that go the extra mile like that. I don’t know of many that would have stayed and walked us thru such an unexpected and horrible situation and do all that they did to help at no extra charge! it’s not about the buck for them, they truly care!! Words just aren’t enough to thank you for saving my daughter’s well being, thank you for all that you did~we most highly and definitely recommend.

    - Susan
  • Oh my goodness, don’t walk, RUN to Dream Dogz! Before starting class there my young German Shepherd Stark knew basic obedience but didn’t know how to meet other dogs. He had a short fuse and would get overly excited when he saw another dog. His excitement could quickly turn escalate out of control. Victoria and Rich gave me a few tips during a 15 minute evaluation. Stark and I started basic dogmanship on Monday. After class we stopped at Petsmart. Stark was almost the perfect gentleman, and calmed down immediately when corrected. Today, Saturday, I took Stark and his brother Conner to the vet and then to petsmart. Again no crazy barking, and Stark immediately calmed down with only mild corrections the few times it was necessary. Stark even ignored all the dogs that were barking at us. This afternoon some friends brought their great dane over for me to dogsit. We introduced all 3 dogs in the street, took them for a short walk and let them interact in the back yard before bringing them in the house. After my friends left I took the dogs in the back yard so Stark and Conner could run and play with their new best friend. Two weeks ago this would not have been possible. Thank you Victoria, Rich, and all of your staff, for giving me the tools to help Stark become another dream dog!

    - Christine
  • Victoria & Rich have been extremely helpful! I appreciate how they explain they “why” before we try things with my dog. I definitely would recommend them to anyone.

    - Maila
  • I started my labradoodle puppy in the foundation classes, and even though she was usually too excited to focus in class, it really built our communication skills. She’s almost two now, and everywhere I take her I always get compliments on how well behaved she is.

    I hear a lot of people say that their labradoodles or goldendoodles could never behave as well as she does, and I always tell them to go to Dream Dogz!

    - Lauren
  • We adopted our bull terrier mix 2 months ago and decided to start him in class for Foundation 1. Within a couple of weeks he started to walk on the leash right next to us and barely tugs. Such a huge difference. Afterwards we decided to sign him up for Conditioned Relaxation. After the last class we took him to a dog friendly restaurant and it was the first time he has been able to calm down after seeing other dogs without having to be removed from the situation completely. Alot of work but amazing results!

    - Nichole
  • It’s so nice to see trainers use a variety of tools to get results. Education and experience can help save lives. Keep up the good work!

    - Janet
  • Victoria is a genuine individual with a passion for dog training. She’s good at what she does!!!

    - Melissa
  • Our retriever Coco went from a puppy that pulled and pulled on the leash and wasn’t able to listen to us to a sweet dog that pays attention to us and is able to walk better on a leash and continues learning good behavior. Thank you Dream Dogz!

    - Lillian
  • 1688243_976628095703664_2180389981159232014_n

    My 7 month old SDIT was board trained for 4 weeks for scent training and obedience/public access so that he will one day be a diabetic alert dog for me. Though I live in Atlanta, I chose Dream Dogz because when I first contacted Victoria it was evident that she was on same page as me as to the plan for training. I also felt that she had a sincere interest in helping my dog prepare for SD work. I had taken him to a beginner group class locally, before he went to Dream Dogz, so he had a basic foundation and I found that when he returned home he was much tighter and focused on his obedience training. Despite missing 4 weeks of intermediate group classes in Atlanta, he was able to catch up the day we returned to class and with a few days of practice.

    Most importantly, after board training, he had the scent down to detect low blood sugar and was able to give a live alert within a few days of coming home. I feel that Dream Dogz provided me and my dog with the needed knowledge and tools to continue our scent training and be a successful team. My dog also began e-collar training with them and his recall has greatly improved in just a weeks time. I was able to keep up with his progress through FB and Instagram and Victoria responded to all of my texts very quickly. It is nice knowing that I have her continued support, as well. I highly recommend Dream Dogz!

    - Julie
  • 14908250_1293284240704713_884753112541169242_n

    Viviana is nothing short of a miracle worker!
    She’s a wonderful trainer and an amazing, genuine, kind, patient human being! Thank you for everything you did for my boy!

    - Jodey
  • My dog and I completed the personal training with Victoria, Rich and Hannah. They were awesome! We have tried many training centers/groups and none have compared to what we have learned at Dream Dogz.

    Recently I took my dog to their new ranch for boarding while I was out of town. They were fantastic! I saw video uploads and received texts about my dog and her status/progress each day. It was the first time I have ever seen my dog comfortable in a boarding setting. I felt so comforted knowing that my dog was being taken care of by knowledgable, caring, and dog loving trainers! I definitely will use them again. Thank you Dream Dogz!

    - Mary
  • 14141846_1235120929854378_7759937239730979486_n

    When we first adopted Roxie she put forth a happy well-adjusted facade, much like a child who has had the misfortune to spend time in the foster care system. All the pictures we posted were happy and joyful….

    The longer we had her, the more fear, anxiety, and nervousness we witnessed. I think she knew she was loved but her world had suddenly gotten so big and she was overwhelmed.

    Before we took her to Dream Dogz, the only way she could feel safe was to hide, sometimes under beds, sometimes behind a recliner, many places, she still did want to be with us.

    In the last 3 weeks she has gained confidence, security, and learned some much needed manners. When she comes home and finishes her treatment for heartworms she will experience an even bigger and better life.

    Thank you to Dream Dogz and all of their fabulous trainers!

    - Vicki

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