Aggression Solutions

We have been rehabilitating aggression in all forms for a number of years.

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Because we are always learning, our process continuously grows and expands. This is our process to rehab aggressive dogs today:



Before we begin, we strongly recommend taking your dog to your veterinarian for a thorough exam, including blood panel. If the aggression came on suddenly when your dog turned 2 or 3, be sure to have the thyroid blood panel checked. Since pain can lead to aggression, have x-rays taken to check hips and joints.



Safety is our number one priority when working and living with your dog. Safety for your dog, other pets, owners, trainers, everyone.

  1. We require all dogs with a history of biting to come in on a Jafco muzzle (our first choice) or Baskerville muzzle (our second choice, but is available at Petco). Below is a video for you to muzzle train your dog.
  2. Dog must be on a flat 4′ to 6′ leash (extendable leashes are not permitted), held securely at all times.
  3. Dog must be on a secure slip lead, choke collar, or slip collar, with no plastic parts. Some dogs do well on a prong collar, for others, it amps them up more.
  4. Owner must have control of dog. We require a 5′ space bubble between every dog at all times, unless specifically instructed otherwise.



  1. Depending on your dog, you have two options regarding training programs:
    1. Board & Train, with Freedom, Remote Training Collar. You will start with the 4-week and see if we need to add more. Most dogs do amazing with this, but some dogs do need an extra week or two.
    2. Personal Training Package, with Freedom, Remote Training Collar. We meet weekly, working with you and your dog, and leaving you with daily homework until our next session.
    3. There is an additional charge if your dog is human aggressive (if your dog has drawn blood on another person).
  2. Start training with our Canine Lifestyle Plan, key aspects of life with your dog (training is only 1 of them).
  3. A new way to communicate with your dog.
  4. Build confidence, trust, and respect.
  5. Address the root causes of your dog’s aggression.
  6. How layered stress can increase your dog’s aggression.
  7. Build teamwork between you and your dog.
  8. Change your dog’s state of mind.
  9. Teach your dog to be calm, relaxed, and follow your lead.
  10. The difference between adrenaline and energy, and how to de-adrenalize your dog.
  11. Dogmanship Training Method.
  12. Freedom, Remote Collar Training Method, and layer that over the Dogmanship training that we do. This provides a non-confrontational means of communicating with your dog. We do not “blast” the dog for making the wrong choice, that is not how we use the remote training collar. Instead, we use low level stimulation to guide the dog into making correct choices.
  13. Conditioned Relaxation & Perception Modification will empower your dog learn to manage their emotions and cope with stressors.
  14. Socials teach your dog how to communicate and interact appropriately with dogs of various breeds, ages, and temperaments.
  15. Tug teaches your dog how to get their legal dopamine hit by doing what comes naturally.
  16. Advocate for your Dog teaches your dog that you’ve got this, and they don’t have to be concerned about it.
  17. Canine Essential Oils work on a cellular level to support your dog’s training and rehabilitation.
  18. Reiki work to attune your dog’s energy, clear chakras, and allow your dog to spiritually heal.

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Read about Aurelius, a 2 yr old German Shepherd who was majorly aggressive, needing behavior modification, leash training and socialization. His owner drove him from Houston, Texas, to Gainesville, Florida, for us to rehabilitate his dog. You can see his video below.


Leo’s owners brought him to one of our group classes, and we added in Freedom, Remote Collar Training before their second group class. You can see the progress he makes in only one week.


Parris came to us from St Augustine to rehabilitation his severe food aggression.


Brie is from Palm Coast. You can get a glimpse of how her nervous, anxious behavior affected her state of mind. She is already 7 years old, we don’t want this behavior to continue any longer than it already has.


Lakai was people aggressive & dog aggressive, anxious, fearful, nervous, and unbalanced when she was dropped off. See her state of mind change at the end of her board & train with us. She is a much happier and relaxed girl!



Is Freedom, Remote Collar Training ONLY for aggressive dogs?

No, it is not. However, we always use Freedom, Remote Collar Training on aggressive dogs. Every dog can benefit from Freedom, including fearful, shy, nervous, fun, happy, and awesome dogs.

We take aggression in dogs very seriously and do not play around with it. When your dog has a bite history, or is a bite risk, we want that taken care of as quickly as possible. Freedom allows us the ability to rehabilitate aggression without wasting time and money, or having to resort to a solitary lifestyle or drug dependancy.

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Won’t a “shock collar” make my dog MORE aggressive?

Inexperienced people have spread the fallacy that a “shock collar” makes a dog more aggressive. The remote training collars that we use today are far removed from the “shock collars” of decades ago. Technology has come such a long way from when they were first introduced in the late 1960s. Think of the difference between an old-time rotary phone and your newest cell phone. The e-collars we use today, from E-Collar Technologies, are amazing, allowing us to find just the level that your dog will first notice.

The aggressive dogs who come to use have never had a remote training collar put on them. Therefore, it is not possible that the collar made the dog aggressive. The dog was already aggressive before being introduced to the collar. But we can use the collar to eliminate the aggression.

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Which locations offer Aggression Rehab?

It depends on whether you choose our board & train or personal training option.

For the board & train option, your dog will stay at the Dream Dogz Ranch in Central Florida (Sumterville) – 1 hr from Orlando, 1 hr from Tampa, 1 hr from Gainesville. Our easy access to I-75 and the Florida Turnpike makes it easy and convenient to reach.

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Types of aggression we rehabilitate:

  • dog aggression
  • human aggression
  • dominance aggression
  • possessive aggression
  • territorial aggression
  • fear aggression
  • fence aggression
  • prey aggression
  • cat aggression
  • animal aggression
  • redirected aggression
  • displaced aggression
  • food aggression
  • resource aggression
  • fighting with dogs
  • barking
  • lunging on leash
  • guarding food
  • guarding toys
  • guarding people
  • guarding space
  • growling at people
  • growling at dogs
  • biting people
  • biting dogs

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