Many owners put off vacations because they do not have a place they trust to care for their dog while they are away. We were that way for years - and we knew most of the dog businesses in Gainesville!

The first time we were going on vacation without our dogs, to Disney World for our first time as a family, we left Arrow, our malinois with a respected member of the dog community who was going to watch him. However, he left the gate open to his property and Arrow left. This was the night before we left, so Richard went out and spent a couple hours searching for Arrow. He finally found him and got him back to where he was supposed to be. But then we worried all of our vacation - would this happen again? What other choices did we have? 

We don't want you to have to go through the worry or the panic. We want you to enjoy your vacation! So we offer BOARDING exclusively for the dogs we have trained. 

You can board at our Ranch in Sumterville or with Hannah or Viviana in Gainesville. 

Your dog stays in our house, with our family and pack. Your dog is in a safe environment, and will even receive a brush up on their training!

You can provide food for your dog, or your dog will have the quality dog food we feed our dogs. 

We recommend no other place for boarding your beloved dog. 

Call us at 352.278.7404 to schedule your dog's boarding.