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Dog owners want to do the best they can for their dogs health and wellness, but many are unsure of where to start. We have discovered the versatility of Young Living and the amazing results that follow.

Essential Oils work on a cellular level to support our body systems, and the same is true for our dogs. We can teach you how using essential oils can support you and your family, along with your training and rehabilitation, with both physical and emotional benefits.


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When you train with us, you get the Dream Dogz Guarantee:
1. We guarantee your dog will be better after training with us.
2. Boarding exclusively for clients, to reinforce training.
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Essential Oils & Dogs
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Our 4 week online, interactive course will cover:
• how to use essential oils with dogs
• safety
• how to calm the high energy and crazy dogs
• build confidence in shy, nervous, fearful dogs
• joint and muscle support
• support the canine athlete
• help dogs gain focus
• aggression rehabilitation support
• raindrop especially for dogs
• digestion issues
• how to set your puppy up for success
• car sickness
• body support
• how to use your premium starter kit for dogs
• what to include in your ready kit
• how to introduce essential oils to your clients
• how to introduce essential oils to dog professionals

This is a pre-recorded online course. We want to share this information with you, information that has taken us years to learn and experiment with. This webinar will save you time and money, getting you the information and experience faster.

This course is $400.
AND – if you sign up with me for Young Living (#4004137) with a wholesale account, and do 3 months of Essential Rewards, I will give you back your $400 (within 6 months of starting your course).

Why? Because I want you to use Young Living Essential Oils on dogs – and I believe that this is the best way to build your supply and get the oils into your hands. I will add you to our private Facebook group, and you have the option of phone calls directly with Victoria about dogs you are working with.

Contact Victoria for more information.


Victoria is a Certified Canine Essential Oils Practitioner & Certified in Aromatherapy.

Our History with Essential Oils
We have used essential oils (EO) with our own family and dogs for over 6 years ago. We used the EO purchased at the local natural foods store and from online, however the oils were a hit or a miss. For some dogs, they were what we had been looking for. Dogs we thought would need to visit the veterinarian for medication to help them calm down, EO were exactly what they needed. But, for some dogs, we did not see a big change. And for other dogs, they needed a bigger “dose.”

Jedi came in nervous, fearful, and shy. Valor II was confidence in a bottle for him!

Jedi came in nervous, fearful, and shy. Valor II was confidence in a bottle for him!


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For the safety of our dogs, the dogs in our care, and our family, we exclusively use Young Living.
When we experimented with essential oils from different companies, every single dog performed so much better with Young Living Essential Oils. Plus, Young Living puts their products thru extensive testing, including third party testers. Young Living actually has a Veterinary Advisory Council as well as the new Essential Oils Animal Desk Reference, written by multiple veterinarians. This is an excellent reference for using Young Living essential oils and supplements with the animals in your life.


A Word From…
We purchased The Animal Desk Reference: Essential Oils for Animal written by Melissa Shelton DVM. In this book, she explains how she uses EO in her veterinary practice and the amazing results she has had with them. She states:

The great controversy encircling the use of essential oils in animals has always intrigued me. How could there be people doing great things with essential oils and animals, while others report dangerous toxicity? The answer lies not only in the safe use of essential oils, but in the quality and purity of the essential oil used. For this reason, I have felt most comfortable in recommending the exclusive use of Young Living Essential Oils in my work with animals.


When you train with Dream Dogz, know that your dog receives only the best.
We diffuse the EO into the air and apply it to their bodies. We use EO for cleaning in our home. Your dog will not inhale toxic chemicals, as we do not use them. Instead, we use Thieves Cleaner from Young Living.


100% Pure – Did You Know?
While doing our research, we found out that even though the “cheap” EO stated they were 100% pure, that does not mean what we think it means. Companies can claim that if a portion of the contents (10%) is the listed oil. However, other things can be added – and not listed on the bottle!


Young Living carries an extensive selection of EO blends specifically formulated for you and your dog! Instead of guessing and trying, they have already blended for your convenience.

For the safety of your dog, yourself, and other members of your household, we only recommend Young Living essential oils.

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