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We have found that using safe, quality essential oils supports your dog’s training, enabling your dog to learn better and faster.

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We will cover: safety, how to introduce essential oils, live demonstrations, essential oils for calming dogs, essential oils for building confidence in shy dog, canine raindrop technique, supplements and essential oils for dogs with joint/mobility support, and so much more!

Victoria is a Certified Canine Essential Oils Practitioner & Certified in Aromatherapy.

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Our History with Essential Oils
We started using essential oils (EO) with our own family and dogs over 5 years ago. We used the EO purchased at the local natural foods store and from online, however the oils were a hit or a miss. For some dogs, they were the miracle that we had been looking for. Dogs we thought would need to visit the veterinarian for medication to help them calm down, EO were exactly what they needed. But, for some dogs, we did not see a big change. And for other dogs, they needed a bigger “dose.”


Jedi came in nervous, fearful, and shy. Valor II was confidence in a bottle for him!

Jedi came in nervous, fearful, and shy. Valor II was confidence in a bottle for him!

Our Not-So-Scientific Study
Since we were using the “cheap” EO, like many things, we wondered if the more expensive EO would give us a different result. So we signed up with Young Living and DoTerra and ordered from both companies. We also placed an order from Amazon to try out a number of Lavender EO brands – Now, Healing Solutions, Art Naturals, Aura Cacia, and Rocky Mountain Oils.

What we discovered was surprising. We offered the dogs different bottles to see which they preferred. We did this by cracking open the bottles and placing them at least 6 feet away from each other, and letting each dog approach on their own. They wanted nothing to do with Healing Solutions or Aura Cacia. They liked Rocky Mountain Oils, and we went through that $22 bottle in just three days.

We then took the Young Living neat (not diluted), Young Living (diluted with fractionated coconut oil), DoTerra (which came diluted with fractionated coconut oil), Now, and Art Naturals and used it with the 6 dogs we had in for board & train at that time.

Now, this was not a scientific study. Each day, we switched what EO each dog received. Of course, we expected the dogs to get better daily because of our training and the work we were doing with them. However, we were specifically looking for: (1) How did the dogs react to the essential oils? (2) Did they do better with one brand over another? (3) Is there a reason to purchase from Young Living or DoTerra, or are the oils available for purchase at the local stores and Amazon just as good?


File Aug 03, 6 32 36 PM

Our Conclusion
For the safety of our dogs, the dogs in our care, and our family, we have switched over exclusively to Young Living.
Not only did every dog do better with Young Living Essential Oils, but they are tested by their respective company and third party testers, who pride themselves on putting out a quality product. Young Living actually has a Veterinary Advisory Council!


A Word From…
We purchased The Animal Desk Reference: Essential Oils for Animal written by Melissa Shelton DVM. In this book, she explains how she uses EO in her veterinary practice and the amazing results she has had with them. She states:

The great controversy encircling the use of essential oils in animals has always intrigued me. How could there be people doing great things with essential oils and animals, while others report dangerous toxicity? The answer lies not only in the safe use of essential oils, but in the quality and purity of the essential oil used. For this reason, I have felt most comfortable in recommending the exclusive use of Young Living Essential Oils in my work with animals.


File Aug 03, 4 48 35 PMWhen you train with Dream Dogz, know that your dog receives only the best. We diffuse the EO into the air and apply it to their bodies. We also use EO for cleaning in our home and training center. Your dog will not inhale toxic chemicals, as we do not use them. Instead, we use Thieves Cleaner from Young Living.


100% Pure – Did You Know?
While doing our research, we found out that even though the “cheap” EO stated they were 100% pure, that does not mean what we think it means. Companies can claim that if a portion of the contents (10%) is the listed oil. However, other things can be added – and not listed on the bottle!


Young Living carries an extensive selection of EO blends specifically formulated for you and your dog! Instead of guessing and trying, they have already blended for your convenience.

For the safety of your dog, yourself, and other members of your household, we only recommend Young Living essential oils.

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Grimm had a gross spot on his neck. We applied 2 drops of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil, and you can see how it looked less than 1 week after.

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