Canine Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology Tape was designed for humans, to support muscles and joints without restricting range of motion. This works well for animals, too! We use kinesiology tape to reduce pain and aid mobility as needed with the dogs, removing a layer of stress.

Victoria is a Certified Canine Kinesiology Tape Practitioner.


Benefits of Canine Kinesiology Taping:

  • support muscles
  • support joints
  • support and stability without restricting range of motion
  • reduce pain by stimulating mechanoreceptors and blocking nociceptors (pain receptors)
  • increase blood and lymph flow, reducing swelling or bruising
  • improve proprioception, the ability to sense how your body parts are positioned
  • neuromuscular re-education


Great for these conditions:

  • muscle strains, tears, stiffness
  • post acupuncture and body work
  • tendonitis
  • rehabilitation, management, and/or prevention of movement dysfunctions
  • pain
  • reduce swelling
  • hip dysplasia
  • pano/growing pains
  • limping


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My history with Kinesiology Taping:

I woke up in January 2015 with severe shoulder pain. It was just after I finished a dog training workshop, and while I couldn’t remember any dog pulling on it, or anything happening, I was hurting. Bad.

In February 2016, I realized I had been in pain every day for over a year – and it was the shoulder on my LEASH ARM – my doctor sent me to physical therapy. I went in twice a week for six weeks, about 90 minutes each session. At the end of the six weeks, my shoulder was good. Fast forward two months, and it was starting to hurt again…. I did not want to redo physical therapy. There was improvement, but it didn’t last. I needed something better.

I researched and discovered Kinesiology Taping. One of my friends (and a former dog training client) is a physical therapist and certified in Kinesiology Taping (for people). We talked and she offered to come out and taped me up during a workshop we were teaching that day. Relief! No more shoulder pain! I had a week of feeling amazing before the tape came off. She showed Rich how to do it, and he tapes my shoulder as needed.

I have also used kinesiology tape on my problem knee. My knee cap dislocated when I was 11 years old during a basketball game, when a girl slammed into me, leaving me with a “floating kneecap.” There are times when it goes out, leaving me in pain and limping, and wearing the hot, uncomfortable neoprene knee brace. Instead, I used kinesiology tape and do not need to wear the brace. Plus, I can go in the shower and swimming with the tape on! I am supported 24/7 while taped.

I wondered, because everything circles back to dogs, about taping dogs. Jedi (my 9 yr old German Shepherd) has hip dysplasia and Zoe (my 9 yr old Border Collie) has back issues. Since I know how well the tape worked for me, would it work as well for them? I started using it on the dogs and become a Certified Canine Kinesiology Tape Practitioner.

I have taped my dogs, friends dogs, and client dogs. We are amazed at the immediate results we see after taping a dog. They move easier and more fluidly and come back for more. We have seen a very nice improvement with the dogs, some examples are below:


Grimm, 5 month old German Shepherd, with pano (growing pains). After taping his shoulder, he stopped limping. When his tape came off, he started limping again.

Riddick, 2 year old German Shepherd/Beauceron mix, two months post op from total hip replacement. Riddick is missing one of his rear legs and we taped him for hind end support, which gave him more stability, assurance, and proprioception on where his hind end and rear leg are.


Rio, 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier, with severe nerve damage and arthritis. After his taping, he moved faster with better mobility and did not need to sit after walking just a few steps.

Jedi, 9 year old German Shepherd, with hip dysplasia. She moved around better and easier while taped, like she was years younger.

Jedi, 9 year old German Shepherd, with hip dysplasia. She moved around better and easier while taped, like she was years younger.











Jake, 6 year old German Shepherd with hind end support taping.

Jake, 6 year old German Shepherd, with hind end support taping. He was in less pain and was more easygoing after being taped.

Boris, 2 year old Doberman, has his neck taped.

Boris, 2 year old Doberman, with neck support taping.

Scarlett, 1 year old Doberman, with knee taping.

Scarlett, 1 year old Doberman, with knee support taping.


Ru, 1 year old border collie, with wrist support taping.


Ru, 1 year old border collie, with shoulder support taping.

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