You have your new puppy – now what? You know you need to start training your puppy, but when do you start and how do you do it? Contact Dream Dogz today! Our Puppy Program starts with either in home, personal training, bringing your pup to the Dream Dogz Ranch, or board and train. We […]

Is it a “shock” collar?

When some people hear the words “remote training collar,” “electronic collar,” or “e-collar,” they think “shock collar.” However, with 100+ levels you can choose from, they do so much more than “shock.” They are a wonderful way to communicate with your dog at a distance and off leash. From childhood, we are taught to fear […]


As 2015 comes to a close, we look back at everything this year has brought us. We improved ourselves with art classes, learning how to draw more accurately and paint with acrylics and watercolors. We started pistol shooting at the gun range, and Rich and I are waiting for our concealed carry permits. We renewed […]


The energy that you project into the world is also projected onto your dog. Many times, changing your energy will change your dog’s behavior, for better or for worse. But what is this “energy,” and how do you change it?   Energy, as I define it, is a combination of confidence and attitude. It’s confid-tude! […]