Dog Trainer Mentor Program

“If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.”

There is nothing better than having a job that you enjoy, waking up in the morning excited about the day ahead of you and the adventures that await. Victoria & Richard created their Dog Trainer Mentor Program to bring your dream job to reality.

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Kerrie came through our Shadow program and now has her own dog training business in Fernandina Beach, Florida – Unity Dog Training!


In our Dog Trainer Mentor Program, you will learn:

Hands-on training with dogs

• Our unique Dogmanship method for on-leash communication – and why it benefits every dog

• Our very own Freedom, Remote Collar Training method for off-leash communication and behavior modification

Perception Modification to teach dogs how to manage their emotions and cope with stressors

Socialization to learn how to read dogs, set up play groups, prevent mishaps, and how to spot trouble before it starts

Essential Oils and how to use them in behavior modification

• How we structure our board & trains, personal training, and group classes

• Our session-by-session format for all of our training

• How to train more effectively so you work fewer hours, with less stress, and more free time

• How to read dog body language and what to look for

• Our specialty – how we rehabilitate dogs with behavior issues – including resource guarding, aggression, leash reactivity issues, excitability, shyness, fear, jumping, nipping, counter surfing and so much more

• How we communicate with, schedule, and roster our clients

• How we use social media – Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube – to communicate with clients and grow our business online

• How we follow up with training to ensure happy clients and success

• How to deal with challenging dogs and clients

• How to explain dog training in a way that your client will understand

Safety protocols that we use to ensure the safety of all dogs in our training programs

• How to motivate clients to do what is best for their dog

• Our preferred training tools, why and when we use them, including prong collars, remote training collars, bark collars, dominant dogs collars, slip leads, head halters, pet convincers, dressage whips, essential oils, reiki, bonkers

• You will shadow us during personal sessions, group classes, and board and trains at our two locations – Dream Dogz Ranch in Central Florida (Sumterville) & Gainesville area for personal in-home sessions and board & trains.

• We stay in touch after your shadow program to mentor you along the way.

• And so much more!

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“I recently attended the shadow program at Dream Dogz, it was amazing. I was taught the Warfel Way and many important aspects of dog training and dog business. The staff was very professional. I was treated with respect. Again thanks for training and transparency of Dream Dogz.” – Kevin

“I just wanted to drop you all a line and say thank you for all that you have done. I already knew that I learned so much from you already but never realized just how much until I got out there on my own. I am very grateful for all that you have done for me. Things are going more amazing than I could have every hoped for and I couldn’t have done it without Victoria and Richard.” – Kerrie