Jedi, our German Shepherd

We started our search for a German Shepherd, and a friend in rescue contacted me. A litter of 4 mo old pups had been dropped off with a veterinarian in Gainesville because the breeder couldn't find homes for them. She knew I was looking, and asked if I wanted to come over and take a look. 

When we got there, there was a cute pup sitting in her lap, "Is that my new pup?" I asked. 

"No, yours is the one cowering under the table." Yep, there was one hiding under the table. "I don't trust anyone with her but you, she is the worst of the bunch." 

So we took her home. 

Now, one of the reasons we were looking for a German Shepherd was as a service dog, to take over for Boo. But Jedi wasn't going to be one. There is only so much we can mold in a dog's behavior. It's not just nurture, it's nature AND nurture. 

Jedi's heavy socialization and training began.

We worked on Jedi's severe food aggression. 

She passed her CGC right around a year old.

We did dog safety programs with elementary school age kids, and the scouts.

She helped me train loads of dogs. 

But, because of her genetics and early environment, and who she was, there were limits on what we could do with her. I had to strictly supervise her around other dogs. She would object if a crazy dog tried to approach her. I didn't trust her off leash with new dogs. And, as I said, she didn't have the temperament to be a service dog. Which was hard because Boo was getting ready for retirement, and I didn't have a replacement for her.

What to do?