Puppies can be a handful!
Let us give you a helping hand
with our very own
60 Days To Your Dream Dog
Puppy Program.

It's one thing bringing a puppy into our home for a boot camp, or meeting with their owners for personal training sessions, that isn't living with the dog.

It had been a few years since we had a puppy of our very own, so when we brought Gypsy home at 8 weeks old, we knew exactly what to do.

We had her training plan and schedule set, and thought we were ready for everything. 

Did you catch that word, "thought?"

We are professional trainers, and it was a LOT of work!

In fact, as I said to friends (on more than one occasion), "I don't know how 'normal' people with busy lives do this. We are professional trainers. Our home is set up for puppies and dogs. This is what we do! We work from home and are with her all day long. And I am exhausted!"

Because puppies don't know anything!

  • They don't know their name...
  • Or know where to potty....
  • Or that my hand is NOT a chew toy...
  •  Neither are my shoes.
  • They don't know how to walk on a leash...
  • Or come when called...
  • They don't know sit!

You have to teach them everything.

And if you have a couple of lazy days, those are the days that your puppy is practicing naughty behaviors, that now become his new "normal."

And what order do you teach things?

What is THE most important thing that you must teach first?

What happens if your dog looks at you funny and runs off when you try to train him? Is he a lost cause?


While our 60 Days to your Dream Dog Program is for dogs 5 months old older, we have a custom version just for puppies under 5 months old!

Our unique program solves every dog training issue, including puppy issues! And when we start training your puppy, we prevent problems from even starting!

Our Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love our results that we guarantee it! 

Upon completion of our 60 Days to Your Dream Dog Program, if the results aren't where you want them to be, we will keep working with you, at no additional cost.


I saw improvement at our very first session

My little dog Homer was so shy around people and dogs that at the first session, I had to hold him in my arms while he was visible shaking in my arms.

Victoria was wonderful and helped ease his nervousness (and mine) by making us feel right at home and offering suggestions that may help. After listening to Victoria and Richard’s suggestions on what may help ease his shyness, my husband and I worked with Homer three to five times per day faithfully.

By the third class, Homer surprised us when he walked into class by himself, went right to the door and when I opened it, he went right to the chairs where we sit. During the fourth class, Homer was even more sure of himself.

Victoria and Richard definitely love what they are doing and it shows in the way that they reach out to assist both the owners and their dogs with mastering their issues as well as their goals.

I must say that Victoria is definitely related to the dog whisperer and you will not leave Dream Dogz without wanting to signing up for more.

I was skeptical about dog training, but if you follow what you learn and practice faithfully, you will will be totally amazed!!!! Thank you so much Victoria and Richard, you guys are GREAT!!!!

Ellen Query - Milford, Maine


Before training, Honey was a wild child.

She did not really obey commands and her ability was limited to Sit & Down. It was shortly into the first lesson that I learned it was us that needed the training, rather than Honey. She is a smart dog but we did not know how to teach her. Victoria helped us learn how to train our dog and gave us principles that we can use long after class.

Today, Honey can sit, down, stay, leave it, find it, walk on a loose leash, come, spin, high five, crawl and play dead!

We are even thinking about enrolling our STAR pup into agility classes. Honey is having so much more fun with new challenges and we are enjoying our time much more thoroughly with our puppy.

We could not be more happy with Victoria and her excellent coaching! Thank you, Victoria!

Erik & Emily Stielow - Gainesville, Florida

He is the best behaving dog I have ever had and it is all thanks to them!

I started taking my chocolate lab to Victoria at Dream Dogz since he was 4 months old and it has been the best decision. It is never too young to start training.

They are so knowledgeable and patient. He is the best behaving dog I have ever had and it is all thanks to them.

Rebecca Mason - Tampa, Florida

A world of difference in my life!

When I first came to Dream Dogz, I knew I needed help training my own service dog but did not know how to do it. My puppy pulled a lot and nothing I was doing was working. Dream Dogz used a variety of techniques to see what worked best for my puppy.

I knew Aedan was getting it after I was in an automobile accident. He walked very slowly with my and my walker. He was brilliant! Aedan has made a world of difference in my life! I don’t know what I would do without him.

Shirah Rosenek - Williston, Florida

Awesome dog!

I thought of you this morning as Stella and I were out for our walk…

You see she got not 1, but 2 compliments from strangers about how well behaved she was (BTW, she was not on a leash, but her e-collar was working its magic).

One of the people said, “I wish all dogs I met while out walking were as well behaved as yours!” (She has to sit anytime we encounter people walking or running so they don’t have to be scared of the giant dog).

Stella and I go walking or running every morning, I carry her leash and her e-collar controller and off we go! She can chase squirrels and comes back as soon as I call, “Come!” She is also great with Heel, and our new one is Side when I want or need her to be right next to me!

Thank you for helping make Stella the awesome dog she is!

Mary Anne Steinberg - Gainesville, Florida

Go to Dream Dogz!

I started my labradoodle puppy's training, and even though she was usually too excited to focus around other dogs, it really built our communication skills. She’s almost two now, and everywhere I take her I always get compliments on how well behaved she is.

I hear a lot of people say that their labradoodles or goldendoodles could never behave as well as she does, and I always tell them to go to Dream Dogz!

Lauren Gonzalez - Gainesville, Florida

Our sweet dog now pays attention!

Our retriever Coco went from a puppy that pulled and pulled on the leash and wasn’t able to listen to us to a sweet dog that pays attention to us and is able to walk better on a leash and continues learning good behavior.

Thank you Dream Dogz!

Lillian Arnold - Gainesville, Florida

Absolutely wonderful!

They are absolutely wonderful with breaking down techniques to help you easily train your dog!

Valerie Werning - Toledo, Ohio

Caring trainer, and fun!

Our Aussie pup, Blue, just blossomed with Victoria’s training, and so did we!

What a caring trainer who makes each session fun as well as productive. She certainly does so much more than any other trainer in town, with her hands-on, real-life training. Now, I have a happy, obedient dog.

Judy deMontmollin - Gainesville, Florida

Now, my dog is well behaved and a pleasure!

My puppy was so obnoxious that I wanted to return her!

I found Dream Dogz, and their concrete training activities were realistic and enjoyable. Because of their training, my puppy became enjoyable. She is now well behaved and a pleasure to be with.

Bonnie Josey - High Springs, Florida

Now, a full service dog!

My service dog puppy was so mouthy! It was overwhelming at times.

I came to Dream Dogz because they have experience with service dogs, and my dog responded beautifully. He is now a full service dog!

Jen Treeo - Tallahassee, Florida

Extremely delighted!

My 6 month-old pitbull puppy, Peyton, completed the Boot Camp program with Dream Dogz.

I was nervous being away from her for so long but Hannah texted me throughout the weeks, including pictures and videos of her progress, to keep me posted. I felt so comfortable knowing that she was in such great hands. I told Hannah the various behaviors that Peyton would do so they could work on improving her obedience.

When I came back I was extremely delighted to see how my fun and loving puppy was still the same adorable puppy with such a cute personality, but that she would actually listen to the commands.

I realized a dog cannot get trained over night, or even in a month, but Peyton has improved immensely during her time here. I will continue to train my dog with Dream Dogz throughout my time in Gainesville. Thank you guys so much!

Nikki Krakower - Cooper City, Florida