Our Ranch

Located in Central Florida, our Ranch is home to cows, hogs, goats and chickens, as well as our dogs, cats, and bird.

This is a working Ranch, and the dogs who come to us for training benefit by being around nature in all it's glory. 


We started with a family of Jerseys who came to us in terrible condition. As we got them back to health, we added a couple more Jerseys. We have a calf on the ground and expect two more this season. 

Our Jersey's are fed a diet of quality hay along with feed from Knight's.

We have beef available for sale, as a quarter, half, or whole. You pick the custom cuts you enjoy. Contact us for information. 


We are raising a Berkshire and a Hereford hog. 

We have them available for sale, as a half or whole hog. Contact us for information.


We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats, and occasionally have them available for sale. These are milking goats, as their milk is top quality. Contact us for information. 


We have a variety flock, including our Swedish Flower rooster, and Rhode Island Red, Ameraucana, Barnevelder, Sicilian Buttercup, Australorp, Cockoo Maran hens. 

We occasionally have fertilized eggs - to eat or hatch - available. Contact us for information. 

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