Welcome to our Ranch!

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We looked for years to find our Ranch! Situated on over 5 acres conveniently located in central Florida, our Ranch is an animal paradise. In addition to the fresh air, room to roam, and grass (well, sand) underfoot, we have plenty of distractions for your dog.

Along with the board & train dogs, boarding dogs, and personal training dogs who are with us, we have our resident “pack” of animals.

Dogs –
Zoe – female, 10 year old border collie
Arrow – male, 5 year old Belgian Malinois Shepherd
Ruger – male, 2 year old border collie

Bird –
Valentine – black capped conure

Cattle –
Sarsaparilla – female, 9 year old Jersey
Maybelle – female, 1 month old Jersey (Sassy’s baby)
Bessie – female, 4 year old Jersey
Elsie – female, 2 year old Jersey
Indy – male (steer), 1 year old Jersey
Cassanova – male (bull), 1 year old Jersey

Goats –
Freckles – female, 1 year old Nigerian Dwarf
Spots – female, 1 year old Nigerian Dwarf
Pompey – male, 1 year old Nigerian Dwarf
Chai – male, 1 month old Nigerian Dwarf (Freckles baby)

Chickens –
18 chickens – Ameraucana, Rhode Island Reds, Cuckoo Maran, Swedish Flower, Mottled Java, Barnevelder, and more
1 guinea hen