They are amazing at what they do! Have been doing board & train, and I couldn’t be more happy with the results so far! He got the exact training that was right for him and our family. So grateful for you guys!!

- Sydney

Before contacting Dream Dogz, my dog was anxious aggressive, and I felt like a failure that I wasn’t able to help her. Dream Dogz helped me to realize that I wasn’t a failure, I was just unequipped. From the minute I dropped my dog off for her board & train, I knew she is the right hands and I know she is going to be happier!

- Judie

When I adopted my dog, she had no manners, so I signed up with Dream Dogz immediately. Dream Dogz was professional and friendly, and I saw a big improvement after just a couple of group classes. Now, life is wonderful for both my fur baby and myself! She keeps learning and having so much fun!

- Maureen

Before I found Dream Dogz, my dog was not listening to me at all. I felt helpless, like it would never happen. What set Dream Dogz apart was their approach, how they communicated why these techniques were used and why and how they worked.

I realized that Dream Dogz was actually working to solve my problem when I watched videos of the change in other dogs during their training, then got to watch the daily progress that our dog made. Now, life is happier and less stressful. I am so proud when people tell me how good she is!

- Robyn

Before I contacted Dream Dogz, I was having issues with my dog focusing and holding certain commands. I felt defeated! It was so discouraging and it constantly brought me down.

In my search for a program, I had looked for hours upon hours. When I found Dream Dogz, and saw their work and experience, I had confidence this would be what could help me.

I knew Dream Dogz could help me on the night before I had actually called and signed up. While I was researching, I was looking on Victoria’s YouTube channel, and I just started crying because I saw how hard she worked to fix the problems the dogs had.

Now that we have trained with Dream Dogz, life is great! I train every other day (since my body has a hard time with everyday) with my dog. He is on track to possibly attend school with me in the first few months of 2018. We are preparing for our CGC, then more training until the public access test which we hope to take in early 2018.

- Micayla

My dog was fear aggressive. I felt hopeless. I did not know how to deal with her. She was medicated, which sedated her, and I felt bad about that. Dream Dogz helped us get her off medication, an taught us how to train her. She needed to be trained differently that the other dogs we have had. Now, we are able to walk her out in public and take her to dog-friendly stores without her losing it. She will never be super-friendly, but she is easier to deal with now.

- Joanna

I was frustrated that my dogs were not listening to me. Dream Dogz explained why dogs act a certain way, and helped me train them. I knew Dream Dogz was working when I could actually let my dogs off leash to walk. Now, I love being with my dogs!

- Sharon

I had an out-of-control, undisciplined dog, and felt there might not be a solution to my problem. I considered finding her a new home.

Dream Dogz was different because it wasn’t all about rewarding dogs with treats. I sent my dog to the 4 week board & train, as they were the only trainers who offered that option.

Now, my dog is a joy to be around!

- Christine

I came to Dream Dogz to help my dog’s aggression. I was stuck in an endless cycle of wanting to help my dog, but being frustrated at the lack of results.

During our private lesson, my dog was able to come close enough to a dog for me to shake Rich’s hand without becoming aggressive! Now, there is structure in my house. I have been able to better communicate with my dog on how he should act through e-collar.

- Michelle

I came to Dream Dogz because I had a new puppy, who was nervous and anxious, and wanted good training. The anxiety was quite overwhelming, I felt worse than my puppy did!

I was improvement at our very first session. Now, I get so many compliments on my dog. How well behaved he is. And all my grandchildren think he is the smartest dog ever!

Victoria & Richard are awesome! If I ever need training again, I will definitely come back!

- Ellen

We needed to do basic training and socialization with our two dogs. Dream Dogz has a solid approach to effective, quick training of our pups. It was only our second class when my dog actually did what was expected, without charging other dogs. Not only has Dream Dogz solved our problems. but i now know how to train dogs myself. Of course, Dream Dogz is critical for socialization.

- Phil

My puppy was so naughty! She was so bad, we were thinking of returning her. Dream Dogz was different because they gave us concrete training activities that were realistic for us to do. After training with them, our puppy became enjoyable. She is now a well-behaved older dog and a pleasure to be with.

- Bonnie

My service dog puppy was so mouthy! It was overwhelming at times. I came to Dream Dogz because they have experience with service dogs, and my dog responded beautifully. He is now to full service dog!

- Jen

When I first came to Dream Dogz, I knew I needed help training my own service dog but did not know how to do it. My puppy pulled a lot and nothing I was doing was working. Dream Dogz used a variety of techniques to see what worked best for my puppy.

I knew Aedan was getting it after I was in an automobile accident. He walked very slowly with my and my walker. He was brilliant! Aedan has made a world of difference in my life! I don’t know what I would do without him.

- Shirah

Victoria is a great trainer and always willing to answer any of my questions. I really appreciate all her videos that give us a window into her training.

- Beth

Dream Dogz has worked a minor miracle with the overall behavior of Brie. My husband was really impressed with the transformation within a 2 week time frame.

If you are the least bit hesitant about their training techniques – don’t be!

The results will make you ask, why didn’t I do this sooner.

We are believers!

- Marcia

BOTTOM LINE – Mr. and Mrs. Warfel are simply amazing at what they do. Our little Lakai was struggling with basic obedience commands (e.g. would not go in the crate willingly), and was highly reactive to other dogs and strangers. Aggression was the primary concern. But beyond that, she was not compliant around other people and she suffered from severe separation anxiety whenever we left her alone (i.e. excessive panting, salivating, breaking out of several crates, etc.).
We couldn’t walk her with confidence or control, we couldn’t get near her during feeding time, and we couldn’t take relatively new things out of her mouth when necessary.

The conventional training systems didn’t seem to work at all on Lakai. We tried using the “humane” (*emphasis on the air-quotes*) methods of positive reinforcement and reward-based training. Toys and play didn’t work at all. Food/treats would occasionally work. However, what we found was that Lakai would only respond to treats if she was extremely hungry. We would have to not feed her all day (essentially starving her) so that her hunger would overcome her desire to act on her bad behavioral impulses. But, upon reflection, that was NOT HUMANE.

This is not to say that reward based training never works. It may work for some dogs, like it did for my late Golden Retriever Zack. He would eat anything anytime. He was highly responsive to treats. But Lakai is not like that. We knew a different approach was required, and we were lucky to find Dream Dogz.

Their holistic approach, using verbal rewards, stimulation via E-Collar and leash (pressure/release), and essential oil therapy, among other tactics, worked wonders on Lakai. To be clear, she is the same dog…just better. She demonstrates self-control. She complies with commands 99% of the time. Walks are easier. Play time is safer. She is a joy to have around now.

I feared that the 30-day board and train would fundamentally change Lakai’s personality, which we obviously fell in love with. It didn’t. I also feared that after leaving the Ranch and coming home, Lakai would simply return to her old ways. She didn’t. However, WE had to follow through. WE had to reinforce everything she learned with Mr. and Mrs. Warfel. WE had to read the books, understand the methods, and practice, practice, practice. Sure enough, it worked.

We can’t thank you guys enough for literally saving our dog’s life. Critics of their methods should really reflect on and consider the alternative. They should also actually read the literature before rendering opinions. We knew that Lakai was not going to be re-homed. At a shelter, she would have surely been euthanized. The Warfel Method is humane and it works. If you have a troubled dog that struggles with aggression and doesn’t respond to reward-based training, look no further than Dream Dogz.

- Maria & Keven

I just wanted to say thank you. Before I found Dream Dogz, Brody’s aggression left me feeling hopeless. But you didn’t sugar coat the problem, and your unique approach to solving the problem was different from what I had already tried.

Brody has improved more than I ever thought possible. He is an absolute dream at the dog park, always listens to a command the first time I ask, waits for my approval at every threshold, and is just awesome.

Today he let maintenance into the apartment and work for over 45 minutes. He was completely relaxed and didn’t even think about getting off of place. I had zero worries about him doing anything naughty. He has come such a long way and it’s all because of you guys. Thank you so much.

- Amanda

We sent two of our dogs to Dream Dogz for the 4 week board & train. One is 5 years old and the other 10 years old. We have a new baby and it was vital that they get trained. With the help of Dream Dogz we trained our third dog at home.

We are on day 4 of the dogs being home and it has been amazing. I’m able to walk all three dogs together while wearing the baby with no problems. They are learning that the rules from training apply at home and are doing really well. It’s a lot of work following the 30 day home part of the training schedule but TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! We could not be happier. Thank you both!


- Lauren

My 6 month-old pitbull puppy, Peyton, completed the Board and Train program with Dream Dogz. I was nervous being away from her for so long but Hannah texted me throughout the weeks, including pictures and videos of her progress, to keep me posted. I felt so comfortable knowing that she was in such great hands. I told Hannah the various behaviors that Peyton would do so they could work on improving her obedience.

When I came back I was extremely delighted to see how my fun and loving puppy was still the same adorable puppy with such a cute personality, but that she would actually listen to the commands. I realized a dog cannot get trained over night, or even in a month, but Peyton has improved immensely during her time here. I will continue to train my dog with Dream Dogz throughout my time in Gainesville. Thank you guys so much!

- Nikki

We contacted Dream Dogz because we had what we thought was a simple issue with a newly adopted rescue. My daughter adopted a husky mix that was told by the rescue would be a good service dog candidate. His initial seemingly passive behavior in the beginning and that he knew some basic commands led her to adopt him. The rescue knew she lived on a third floor. however they didn’t test the dog on stairs, or bother to prep him as you’d figure a good rescue would do when considering pairs or placing an animal to a forever home, they dropped the dog to my daughter, he was terrified of stairways. Their staff couldn’t get him up but my daughter and I got him up ok but the training to go down was slow going, it was getting frustrating, and near end of day, so we decided it was time and that maybe Dream Dogz could help. They responded to our inquiry immediately, came over to help within 10 minutes, which is amazing service within itself. Most importantly though, they immediately identified serious problem in the dogs temperament, mainly aggression that he (and the rescue group) was hiding from us his first few days with us (we had him 4 days). I’ve raised large dogs, mostly rescues themselves for over 30 years and never had such a terrifying experience, sure some have issues, most rescues have baggage, but in our experience, nothing to this level thankfully the dogs we have rescued and raised in the past were what you see what you get dogs, so we were so taken back and in disbelief that my daughters dog had turned out exactly opposite of what he had first appeared! . When we first assessed this dog to pick, you’d never have thought he had an ounce of aggression, he spent most of the day snoozing, he appeared to be a relaxed well mannered dog..Dream Dogz let us know that its not uncommon for dogs to show their true colors a few days or up to a week or two being in a new home. We were heartbroken, thinking we had found such a good dog only to see the full level of aggression come out, and realized immediately we’d have to return the husky mix and find a passive and more suitable dog.

What impressed me the most about Dream Dogz, although we only paid for an hour ‘stairs” appt, they spent well over two hours with us at no extra charge as they stayed explaining to us our options if we had tried to keep the dog , they were even willing to credit back the charge payment since my daughter after seeing the aggression was going to return the dog, they stayed and comforted both my daughter and I, they even tried to speak to directly to the rescue, who refused to speak to them and my daughter and I, this “rescue” only sending text messages while trying to outright deny the dogs aggression to which we all had just witnessed. The rescue showed no concern or regard for my daughter’s safety or that of community, they basically didn’t want to take any responsibility for not disclosing the dogs past behavior problems. Anyway, i can’t thank Dream Dogz enough, they went to answer what we all thought to be a fairly simple call, that turned into something much much worse than we ever expected, they handled themselves professionally, and went above and beyond their duties, they went the extra mile, gave their time to us, and most definitely saved my daughter or anyone else for that matter from getting seriously injured. The dog was quickly returned despite the objections of the “rescue.”

Dream Dogz also went above and beyond by offering to assist my daughter in the future with finding/ screening a suitable dog to help her. There aren’t many places that go the extra mile like that. I don’t know of many that would have stayed and walked us thru such an unexpected and horrible situation and do all that they did to help at no extra charge! it’s not about the buck for them, they truly care!! Words just aren’t enough to thank you for saving my daughter’s well being, thank you for all that you did~we most highly and definitely recommend.

- Susan

Oh my goodness, don’t walk, RUN to Dream Dogz! Before starting class there my young German Shepherd Stark knew basic obedience but didn’t know how to meet other dogs. He had a short fuse and would get overly excited when he saw another dog. His excitement could quickly turn escalate out of control. Victoria and Rich gave me a few tips during a 15 minute evaluation. Stark and I started basic dogmanship on Monday. After class we stopped at Petsmart. Stark was almost the perfect gentleman, and calmed down immediately when corrected. Today, Saturday, I took Stark and his brother Conner to the vet and then to petsmart. Again no crazy barking, and Stark immediately calmed down with only mild corrections the few times it was necessary. Stark even ignored all the dogs that were barking at us. This afternoon some friends brought their great dane over for me to dogsit. We introduced all 3 dogs in the street, took them for a short walk and let them interact in the back yard before bringing them in the house. After my friends left I took the dogs in the back yard so Stark and Conner could run and play with their new best friend. Two weeks ago this would not have been possible. Thank you Victoria, Rich, and all of your staff, for giving me the tools to help Stark become another dream dog!

- Christine

Victoria & Rich have been extremely helpful! I appreciate how they explain they “why” before we try things with my dog. I definitely would recommend them to anyone.

- Maila

I started my labradoodle puppy in the foundation classes, and even though she was usually too excited to focus in class, it really built our communication skills. She’s almost two now, and everywhere I take her I always get compliments on how well behaved she is.

I hear a lot of people say that their labradoodles or goldendoodles could never behave as well as she does, and I always tell them to go to Dream Dogz!

- Lauren

We adopted our bull terrier mix 2 months ago and decided to start him in class for Foundation 1. Within a couple of weeks he started to walk on the leash right next to us and barely tugs. Such a huge difference. Afterwards we decided to sign him up for Conditioned Relaxation. After the last class we took him to a dog friendly restaurant and it was the first time he has been able to calm down after seeing other dogs without having to be removed from the situation completely. Alot of work but amazing results!

- Nichole

It’s so nice to see trainers use a variety of tools to get results. Education and experience can help save lives. Keep up the good work!

- Janet

Victoria is a genuine individual with a passion for dog training. She’s good at what she does!!!

- Melissa

Our retriever Coco went from a puppy that pulled and pulled on the leash and wasn’t able to listen to us to a sweet dog that pays attention to us and is able to walk better on a leash and continues learning good behavior. Thank you Dream Dogz!

- Lillian

My 7 month old SDIT was board trained for 4 weeks for scent training and obedience/public access so that he will one day be a diabetic alert dog for me. Though I live in Atlanta, I chose Dream Dogz because when I first contacted Victoria it was evident that she was on same page as me as to the plan for training. I also felt that she had a sincere interest in helping my dog prepare for SD work. I had taken him to a beginner group class locally, before he went to Dream Dogz, so he had a basic foundation and I found that when he returned home he was much tighter and focused on his obedience training. Despite missing 4 weeks of intermediate group classes in Atlanta, he was able to catch up the day we returned to class and with a few days of practice.

Most importantly, after board training, he had the scent down to detect low blood sugar and was able to give a live alert within a few days of coming home. I feel that Dream Dogz provided me and my dog with the needed knowledge and tools to continue our scent training and be a successful team. My dog also began e-collar training with them and his recall has greatly improved in just a weeks time. I was able to keep up with his progress through FB and Instagram and Victoria responded to all of my texts very quickly. It is nice knowing that I have her continued support, as well. I highly recommend Dream Dogz!

- Julie

Viviana is nothing short of a miracle worker!
She’s a wonderful trainer and an amazing, genuine, kind, patient human being! Thank you for everything you did for my boy!

- Jodey

My dog and I completed the personal training with Victoria, Rich and Hannah. They were awesome! We have tried many training centers/groups and none have compared to what we have learned at Dream Dogz.

Recently I took my dog to their new ranch for boarding while I was out of town. They were fantastic! I saw video uploads and received texts about my dog and her status/progress each day. It was the first time I have ever seen my dog comfortable in a boarding setting. I felt so comforted knowing that my dog was being taken care of by knowledgable, caring, and dog loving trainers! I definitely will use them again. Thank you Dream Dogz!

- Mary

When we first adopted Roxie she put forth a happy well-adjusted facade, much like a child who has had the misfortune to spend time in the foster care system. All the pictures we posted were happy and joyful….

The longer we had her, the more fear, anxiety, and nervousness we witnessed. I think she knew she was loved but her world had suddenly gotten so big and she was overwhelmed.

Before we took her to Dream Dogz, the only way she could feel safe was to hide, sometimes under beds, sometimes behind a recliner, many places, she still did want to be with us.

In the last 3 weeks she has gained confidence, security, and learned some much needed manners. When she comes home and finishes her treatment for heartworms she will experience an even bigger and better life.

Thank you to Dream Dogz and all of their fabulous trainers!

- Vicki

Everyone there is great. Big improvement with my dog, and we will be taking more classes. The classes are held in a very nice, large, easy to find, all A/C building right off I75.

The instructors have a special gift for working with the dogs and owners.

- Paula

We took our Border Collie to Dream Dogz for obedience and proper socialization and he earned his Canine Good Citizen title. He is my son’s medical alert dog, so it was very important for him to have this foundation to his training. We enjoyed the classes and the PackWalks along with the new friends we met!

- Maggie

I just wanted to drop you all a line and say thank you for all that you have done. I already knew that I learned so much from you already but never realized just how much until I got out there on my own. I am very grateful for all that you have done for me. Things are going more amazing than I could have every hoped for and I couldn’t have done it without Victoria and Richard.”

- Kerrie

I recently attended the shadow program at Dream Dogz, it was amazing. I was taught the Warfel Way and many important aspects of dog training and dog business. The staff was very professional. I was treated with respect. Again thanks for training and transparency of Dream Dogz.

- Kevin

Jake was always overly adrenalized when I took him to the barn or out anywhere for that matter. Now with the combination of Conditioned Relaxation/Foundation and Freedom Training, Jake calmly stayed in a down in an aisle way surrounded by horses out in the pasture, focused on coming when I called him and was able to change up his here command with a few downs in the middle. I had an obedience dog before Dream Dogz, but only when there was no distractions. I did not know how to handle him out in the real world. Now I have a Dream Dog wherever we go. Thank you Victoria and Rich!

- Hannah

The trainers are great at explaining why they recommend the methods they use, and they WORK! My dog knew how to sit, lie down, and shake before going to the Foundation class, but after the fourth week by dog was walking nicely on a leash (no more pulling!) and actually listens to me with distractions around. We can’t wait for the socials!

- Lana

Victoria & Rich have been extremely helpful! I appreciate how they explain the “why” before we try things with my dog. I definitely would recommend them to anyone.

- Malia

Dream Dogz turned our foster dog around! We had issues with resource guarding/aggression which led us to Dream Dogz. Not only was the resource issue resolved, but our foster also quit licking himself incessantly (which was causing unattractive hairless spots and sores on his legs and keeping us from getting a good night’s sleep).

We didn’t realize it, but our foster was almost always adrenalized. Establishing our control made our dog worry less! The four-session Dogmanship group class worked wonders and we highly suggest it.

- Kristi

I have done group, private, and workshop training with Victoria and the Dream Dogz team. They helped me tremendously in my journey, training my three dogs with different needs.
Victoria is skilled and knowledgeable, yet always learning so she can share the best knowledge, skills, and insight of training your four-legged family.
Her focus is on what is best for the dog and it’s family.

- Kristina

I have a pitbull who, though very well behaved, needed some fine tuning before he could be a working dog in the public. I have not got him back from his 4 weeks board & train yet but at the half way meet up I saw so many amazing changes in my Valentine. He was willingly calm and walked right at my heel, he followed commands, and he reacted so well to the slightest correction. My dog is ready to be out in the public and work with children, all because of the very capable trainers at Dream Dogz. My favorite part is that he stays in a living room as a part of the family during the whole training. Even at the half way point I notice such an amazing difference in my already well behaved dog. He loves all of the other trainers so much!!!

- Amanda

I am beyond impressed with the change I see in Zen! He’s my same silly boy, but a far better listener. He has been home two days and has had several opportunities to aggress towards animals he has previously had problems with. Even where food is involved! He is such a pleasure to have around. Dream Dogz did more with him in 4 weeks than the training I got him from did in 6. I would recommend Dream Dogz to anyone who wants help training their dog at any level. I am beyond grateful!

- Katherine

Maggie came home today after two weeks of board & train! She was relaxed and happy all day. She didn’t even look at the cats when they walked by to annoy her! We just got back from a walk about 30 minutes ago in the neighborhood next to us. She was sooo good! We passed by a couple and young son with two dogs, one of which was lunging and barking at Maggie and Chance. Our dogs didn’t even glance at her. We just kept on with our walk! Then she ate in her crate, went outside, then went right to her crate to sleep when she came in. Thanks Victoria, Rich, and Luke!

- Kristi & Pete

Dream Dogz are the best! They really helped me with Parris’s resource guarding. He now eats side by side with my other dog. He has such good manners. He walks right beside me without a leash. He knows no means no. He chills out. No more counter surfing, no more jumping on guests and me. And the best part is he is still his happy, goofy self, only the 6+ version. All thanks to Dream Dogz. Nobody likes kids with no manners, kids who are bullies and pushy. Same with dogs. Dream Dogz trained my dog and in the process taught me how to be a better and more responsible pet parent. I recommend them to everyone.

- Camille

My 3 yr old yellow lab is perfectly trained in the house, but the mine we step out she is nutty on the leash. Well, I got a Mastiff puppy and I tried to make her better on leash walking. That didn’t work out so much. I found Dream Dogz online. At our first meeting, as I was sitting there, someone walked in and I was literally pulled part way across the room by my 2 dogs. Quite embarrassing to say the least. Dream Dogz gave me the tools and knowledge to train my dogs and me. By the end, we all sat together at a restaurant and my 110 pound Mastiff and my 70 pound Lab were perfectly behaved.

Thank you Dream Dogz for making walking my dogs and socialization easier!

- Ta-rel Marie

Our dog, Kenny, gives 4 paws up to Dream Dogz! Kenny was very reactive to strange dogs and usually tried to bite them upon meeting them. We just completed a 5-hour course of private sessions with Rich as our trainer, and we are so impressed with the progress Kenny has made. At our final session this week, Kenny was able to walk side by side with another dog with no reaction at all. The focus on clear communication between dog and human has been very rewarding for both us and Kenny. Kenny seems to truly enjoy his training session both at Dream Dogz and at home.

As a trainer, Rich as been extremely patient and attentive, and does a great job explaining training concepts in terms we can understand. Victoria has been responsive and easy to communicate with when scheduling sessions. Overall, we have nothing but a positive experience with Dream Dogz and have already recommended them our friends!

- Sam

Very helpful and useful! We thought our dog would never be able to walk on a leash without pulling before Dream Dogz!

- Kim

We adopted a 4 year old lab who was pretty well behaved except on leash. We did the personal training session with the Freedom, Remote Collar Training. I am beyond pleased with our dog’s progress! Gus can now be around other dogs, travel safely with us, and go on more walks. Better yet, I was able to take the tools I learned with Dream Dogz to teach him new things at home. Thank you so much!

- Leigh

They are absolutely wonderful with breaking down techniques to help you easily train your dog!

- Valerie

Thanks to Dream Dogz, my poorly socialized rescue dog transformed from a lunging, barking, reactive dog around other dogs into a calm, self-assured, confident dog, who was able to stride along in the middle of last weekend’s PackWalk without any problems. I’m looking forward to Melody being able to frolic with other dogs and to improve her skills when there are even greater distractions in the environment as she continues in her training.

- Audrey

Great people, friendly and fun! Their Foundation class was awesome, very helpful and informative.

- Christine

Percy has greatly enjoyed the training sessions and socials. We can’t wait for the Advanced class!

- Kerry

The Dream Dogz team is amazing! They helped us train our puppy from scratch and retrain our 7-year old pup that hadn’t had to mind in a long time. Both of our dogs have learned so much in just a few short months since I found Dream Dogz. We can even take them to a restaurant and eat a meal with them by our side now! We went to group training and it was great to get feedback on what I was doing wrong so I could train my dogs all the time, not just when I was in class. My dogs learning to “place” has been a very valuable tool to use to calm my dogs. I highly recommend Dream Dogz to anyone with a dog!

- Kimmy

Both my dog and I look forward to attending class. He really perks up when we turn down the road and is very anxious to get inside. After all of this time of dog ownership and training and working dogs, I still am amazed wiht the new ideas and things to try in both the regular class and the special workshops.

- Theresa

Mona and I got so much out of Basic – best money I’ve spent in a long while! I am signing Lucy, my other dog, up for class next class!

- TJ

I adopted a Great Dane mix at Christmas from the county shelter. Thor had been in and out of the shelter and was loving and sweet but had no manners at all. By the end of our first 4-week class, he was walking at our side, coming when called, and has even mastered sit and stay. He still has work to do and I think I found the place to learn the skills we need. Thor loves his trips there.

- Beth

I had 2 of my 3 dogs in the Dream Dogz Board & Train program back in Septmber. Mike the silkie terrier, approx 8 years old, and Ellie the schnauzer/terrier mix, approx 9 years old.

Through the years I’ve struggled to eliminate negative behavior issues they presented. That included aggression toward other animals, territorial issues in our home, food aggression, seperation anxiety, & severe storm/fireworks fear. I hired 2 different trainers through the course of the years, but their work in my home didn’t eliminate the issues. When both dogs began acting aggressively toward my 2 year old, we decided to put them through the Board & Train program as a last resort.

I dreaded using a “shock collar” and felt terrible having to go this route. Well, the first thing I did upon my initial visit to Dream Dogz was to try the E-Collar on my own self…and it didn’t hurt! Victoria & Rich explained how the E-collar was used to support a mix of training methods they’d be using, and it can be eliminated from the mix eventually, and used when needed to reinforce or retrain skills. When I saw how happy, loved, and well-behaved their dog, Arrow, was and learned he was E-collar trained, that was when I felt good about signing up!

My old dogs loved going to training…I day-boarded them so I had them at home nightly. They would stand by the door waiting to go to training from the minute I awoke each morning!

Both dogs stopped acting aggressive – they were trained to stay in a special place at home so territorial issues went away. I love walking them now, and Ellie walks with a prong collar…haven’t gone back to E-collar, but I know it’s there if we need it. I am very glad we had this training, and have the continued support from Victoria & Rich…they’ve opened their door to my dogs to come back any time for further help & advice. I 100% recommend the Dream Dogz Board & Train, and the E-collar training tool!

- Leanna

My little dog Homer was so shy around people and dogs that at the first Basic class, I had to hold him in my arms while he was visible shaking in my arms.

Victoria was wonderful and helped ease his nervousness (and mine) by making us feel right at home and offering suggestions that may help. After listening to Victoria and Richard’s suggestions on what may help ease his shyness, my husband and I worked with Homer three to five times per day faithfully.

By the third class, Homer surprised us when he walked into class by himself, went right to the door and when I opened it, he went right to the chairs where we sit during class. During the fourth class, Homer was even more sure of himself.

Victoria and Richard definitely love what they are doing and it shows in the way that they reach out to assist both the owners and their dogs with mastering their issues as well as their goals.

I must say that Victoria is definitely related to the dog whisperer and you will not leave a Dream Dogz class without wanting to sign up for the next one.

I was skeptical about dog training, but if you follow what you learn in class and practice faithfully, you will will be totally amazed!!!! Thank you so much Victoria and Richard, you guys are GREAT!!!!

- Ellen

Fergie used to herd and bark at everything. It’s been almost a year since we saw you and Fergie has made tremendous progress! She no longer tries to herd the horses. Instead, I’ll tell her to go to her bed and she will stay there until the horse has gone or she is released.

We are still working on some things, however we have made huge steps since last year. She now has the whole 26 acre property to run now, and I can tell she is a happier pup. Thank you!

- Betsy

Seniors and strong vigorous dogs sometimes need help along the way with issues that involve basic control. Even a trained loving dog can become too much dog as we age or illness changes our circumstances. After five years of working with my dog, I found Dream Dogz and Victoria Warfel.

Vicki and Rich Warfel provided the solution I needed with my dog through their Board and Train Program and I will always be grateful for their help.

Vicki is an insightful and pragmatic young trainer with the skill to evaluate your problem, the issues with your dog, and zero in on a solution that will work in real life for both of you.

The solution begins when you need it most, NOW……….not sometime in the distant future. Program support is continuous and her goal is your goal…a well behaved, happy dog for a caring owner.

- Margaret

Chef loves Victoria and her training… could not have made it without her. I love her positive approach and results.

- Billie

My mom was dog sitting Riley and had a visitor come to the house. As usual, Riley ran to greet the visitor (before training with you, he would get excited and jump all over). However, this time, mom said “Riley, off.” Riley stopped running, turned, and came back to mom!

Moral of the story is Dream Dogz works! I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Ellen

We just took Maggie on her first off-leash walk in the woods and she was an EXCELLENT pup. Thanks Victoria & Dream Dogz for giving Maggie Freedom!

- Ryan & Karla

Dream Dogz is an amazing place to take your dog to train. Victoria is incredible with the dogs and all of us owners. I am a big believer in Freedom!! Shorty is happier and much healthier now that he can run off leash. This is a fantastic investment in your dog’s health and happiness. Now he can take off after a squirrel and immediately turn around and come when called. I rarely have to correct him.

- Bill

What a GREAT experience….Victoria is a FANTASTIC TRAINER….. I have been active in obedience for over 25 years..The new spin she puts on training is FUN and practical. My puppy is on his way to being a great dog…..since great dogs are made not born…Was sooooo proud today at the Socialization Class…KUDOS

- Cheryl

I was convinced my dog was definitely slower at learning the basics, or he was super defiant. We knew we had better get a grip on him before he ends up owning us.

My husband and I went to the first session so we’d both be able to voice what we wanted help with so there was no confusion. Also, he was all for the shock type collar and I wasn’t liking the idea.

My only frame of reference on any type of shock thing was when I got one to put on my husband’s wrist a long time ago to stop his snoring. Well, I tried it myself when it arrived and WOW, I really was shocked. I couldn’t do that to him so I sent it back.

Victoria spoke to us about the Freedom Collar which has different choices by using different buttons and a large range to set the strength, depending on your dog. We each put it on our wrists and my husband said he felt a very small sensation at about 18. I barely felt it at 21. It was unbelievably gentle. I was so impressed. It didn’t feel anything like I thought it would. I was sold. She then demonstrated it with my dog Pacino, and he all of a sudden turned into this star pupil. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was this really my dog?
Needless to say, I am continuing on with Victoria and we are all much happier. Thanks Victoria. BRAVO!

- Lisa

Thank you so much for the amazing training for Molly, our Labrador Retriever. She became a completely different dog once I started the training. I really appreciate all the personal attention you gave us and how you incorporated my two daughters into the training. I went from being lost, angry and frustrated to loving my dog and just an overall excitement to practice what you taught me. Your positive approach made the experience fun and rewarding. THANK YOU!

- Jamie

I want to thank you for all the help you have given Hera and I. Your guidance and training instruction has helped her tremendously and I will always be grateful to you.

I have been telling everyone about your program and how successful it has been for me and the others.

- Peg

Dream Dogz is amazing! We took the Totally Pit Bull group class and it was amazing. My dog was more advanced than what was being taught, so Victoria and the other instructor helped teach my dog new and different things. We are so happy with Dream Dogz that we will be taking 2 to 3 more group classes.

- Amanda

We are so excited about the progress Doug has made in the four weeks since he started the Trickz class. He’s so happy and proud! His newfound confidence carried over to a visit to PetSmart after class yesterday. We usually don’t take him there because he gets nervous, but we needed to get some things. He trotted right through the door without hesitating and was at ease the all the while we shopped. We were so impressed! We knew from past experience how being good at a job can help a dog’s confidence, but this has been such a dramatic improvement! We tried to think of another explanation, but nothing else has changed for him recently. So, thank you!!!

It is especially gratifying because Doug is a rescue dog who showed up in our yard as a terrified stray, very malnourished and abused. He had made a lot of progress before starting your class, but it has definitely been very, very good for him. Plus, it’s fun! Thanks, again!

- Kathy

We were walking Beta and Duke the other morning, and both Mark and I commented on how we never thought it would be possible to walk them without the pulling, barking, chasing and all around craziness. Months after training and they are still doing wonderful. We are forever grateful for all your help!

- Jessica & Mark

Victoria’s Basic Manners class was awesome! My husband and I took both of our dogs and all four of us were able to get a lot out of it – Remy has learned so much and Piper is calming down! The class has really helped de-stress our house, which is a huge help since we’re a terrier home. The dogs are exhausted after our training sessions (that are scattered throughout the day). All of the extra tips and tricks you throw in there for us personally are truly appreciated.

Fireworks & Thunderstorms taught me a lot about dog behaviors and how to react to them. Piper slept through the last storm and is a much more chill companion these days!

I highly recommend using Dream Dogz for any of your dog’s behavioral issues.

- Amber

Beyond the excellent training particulars you gave us, you gave us hope and encouragement. When we felt sad for the other dog she seemed determined to attack, you kept us on course with encouraging words and we have survived. When I would email you with frustration, you told us to persevere because she was just seeing how far she could get with us and your insight made us feel we could move ahead.

And now Annie will be a year old on the 23rd and she really has turned into the dog we hoped for. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Judy

My testimonial is LONG overdue! We cannot thank Dream Dogz enough for the help and guidance they have given us with Loki. She is a completely different dog thanks to the FREEDOM program; every one is saying it! She has not just fully learned Place, and is now able to sit and socialize with our friends and family at our gatherings. We still have work to do, but we could not have arrived at this point without the help we received at Dream Dogz.

Eddie and I are so happy and so excited with the transformation Loki has taken on… We are still in shock!

Once a puppy who would jump, scratch, get in your face whenever someone came over to our home, tear all of her toys up, practically yank my arm off when I would take her out on walks — now she walks at my side, plays with her toys, instead of destroying them, sits in her Place like a good girl and lies down when people are over. 🙂

Thank you SOOO, so, so much!!!!!! I will forever recommend you and the FREEDOM program!!

- Ale & Eddie

My sweet 7 year old Lab, Pavi, just completed her 4th class with Victoria at Dream Dogz. We both love the classes and Victoria’s wonderful teaching manner. Pavi became a pet therapy dog last year, after taking class with Victoria and complete the AKC Canine Good Citizenship. These classes are wonderful for the dogs and great fun for the owners. Anyone wanting a better trained, relaxed dog, go take classes at Dream Dogz!

- Jessica

Our Aussie pup, Blue, just blossomed with Victoria’s training, and so did we! What a caring trainer who makes each session fun as well as productive. She certainly does so much more than any other trainer in town with Socialization and a trip to Dogwood Park together.

- Judy & Steve

Before training, Honey was a wild child. She did not really obey commands and her ability was limited to Sit & Down. It was shortly into the first lesson that I learned it was us that needed the training, rather than Honey. She is a smart dog but we did not know how to teach her. Victoria helped us learn how to train our dog and gave us principles that we can use long after class.

Today, Honey can sit, down, stay, leave it, find it, walk on a loose leash, come, spin, high five, crawl and play dead! We are even thinking about enrolling our STAR pup into agility classes. Honey is having so much more fun with new challenges and we are enjoying our time much more thoroughly with our puppy.

We could not be more happy with Victoria and her excellent coaching! Thank you, Victoria!

- Erik & Emily

I thought of you this morning as Stella and I were out for our walk… You see she got not 1, but 2 compliments from strangers about how well behaved she was (BTW, she was not on a leash, but her e-collar was working its magic). One of the people said, “I wish all dogs I met while out walking were as well behaved as yours!” (She has to sit anytime we encounter people walking or running so they don’t have to be scared of the giant dog).

Stella and I go walking or running every morning, I carry her leash and her e-collar controller and off we go! She can chase squirrels and comes back as soon as I call, “Come!” She is also great with Heel, and our new one is Side when I want or need her to be right next to me! Thank you for helping make Stella the awesome dog she is!

- Mary Anne

Basic was awesome! We can’t wait to bring Nemo back for Intermediate. Since we started Basic, he’s been much more polite and calm when around strangers. When people walk up to pet him, he immediately sits down and chills out, and when we pass other dogs on walks he just keeps walking like normal. The pack walks are great, too!

- Benjamin

Thank you for providing experienced, competent, and knowledgeable dog training to the dogs from our rescue. Giving back to the community is important, and you have been providing free training to our dogs for nearly two years. Providing the right training for each individual dog’s behavior is incredibly important. Thank you for properly assessing our dogs’ needs and providing training that develops a happy, well-trained, adoptable dog!!

- Michelle

Dream Dogz Training was a great investment that I am still getting rewards from months after our actual lessons! I emailed the center looking for training for my 4 and 6 year old boxer-mixes because they were unsocialized, stubborn, and terrible on a leash. We chose to do 5 hours of personal training with an e-collar addition.

I LOVE the results I’ve gotten from Dream Dogz. My dogs are amazing now and I even get compliments from strangers when we go on walks! They also “got to place” and STAY there while I have guests over or eat dinner. It’s amazing to be able to run my house myself instead of having it run by my dogs. Our e-collar training has also made my life so much easier. It’s helped me train my dogs not to bark at strangers and to come when called. I can let my dogs play off leash and I am not worried about them running off or getting into trouble.

I’m making a big move to New York City this summer and I wanted to have great city dogs, which Dream Dogz gave me. My dogs can sit at a restaurant table no problem, greet new dogs in a friendly way, and walk by distractions with ease. I want to thank Dream Dogz for replacing my crazy dogs with well-behaved ones!

I also love that with Dream Dogz, you may only get a certain amount of training hours, but you get a lifetime of expert training advice from Victoria and Rich. They hold Pack Walks where you can work to socialize your dog and practice walking in groups. They also will answer any questions you have long after the training sessions re over. I cannot get over the changes I see in my dogs and it makes me so happy! I love this company and will miss them when I move!

- Erika

Victoria is the Gainesville Dog Whisperer! After just two sessions with you, our dogs are so much calmer and happier (and we are too!). We will be using her more in the future and definitely recommend her! Thanks Vic!

- Kristi & Pete

WOW! What a difference! Victoria is a MIRACLE WORKER!!! Bella was the most untrainable boxer I have ever owned. Now she is awesome! I HIGHLY recommend Board & Train! Bella is a whole new dog.

- Alison